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Welcome to Our Office - Dr. Ariel Ostad
Dr. Ariel Ostad is proud to provide state of the art treatments in a comfortable and welcoming setting. Dr. Ostad is a board-certified dermatologist with a passion for excellence in patient care.

Raising the bar in dermatologic care

Our practice revolves around you, the patient. Dr. Ostad and every member of his team are wholly committed to providing you with the best, from the moment you first contact our office.
  • Our facility features the latest proven technologies.
  • Our providers have extensive education, training, and clinical expertise.
  • We offer a full range of advanced cosmetic and medical procedures.
  • We research the safety and efficacy of new devices and products before incorporating them in our practice.
  • All providers are trained and skilled in the use of any technology they work with.

Art meets science

While we embrace the latest science, we also recognize that cosmetic medicine is an art, requiring precision, excellent judgement, and a sharp eye for aesthetics. Patients in our office benefit in multiple ways from Dr. Ostad’s artistic eye and penchant for detail. Whether medical or cosmetic, Dr. Ostad strives on giving each patient meticulous care and concierge-like service. If you would like to experience outstanding dermatologic care, call us at (212) 517-7900 .

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    I have been a patient of Dr Ostad’s for many years, and of all the doctors I go to, Dr. Ostad is the most outstanding physician I have ever worked with. So warm and compassionate. His dedication and commitment to his patients is exceptional. He has always been there for myself and my family. He has put together a fantastic organization... from the moment you walk into the office, his front desk staff is just exceptional. His nursing staff has the same commitment and dedication to his patients as he does. He’s truly an exceptional person.
    By Robert G.
    I would ,without hesitation recommend Dr. Ostad , should you have any questions or concerns for your skin either medically or cosmetically! I went for a skin check for some concerns I had and was treated like I had been a patient for years . My concerns turned out to be nothing but Dr. Ostad did find an area which required attention . I was impressed with the entire office staff from my arrival to stitch removal. Thankfully , my situation was minimally invasive and not major , but I intend to make this an annual event and should something of a more serious nature develop , I would not want to be anywhere else to have it treated!

    Thank you Dr. Ostad and your team ! See you next year !
    By Robert D.
    I wish there were more than 5 Stars to give Dr. Ostad & his Staff!!! They all deserve so much more! 3 months ago Dr. Ostad performed Mohs surgery on my nose. From my first phone call to the office, to the actual surgery, follow ups & my text/email questions in between, I was beyond impressed with their caring & professional manner. Dr. Ostad has a wonderful bedside manner, as does his Nurse, Jen! They both made a very scary & unpleasant procedure as relaxed & comfortable as could be. Although I am technically still in the healing stages, you can already barely tell I had surgery! Dr. Ostad is truly talented & I highly recommend him!
    By Melissa H.
    I have been a patient of Dr.Ostad for more than 20years which speaks for itself. He has done several surgeries-including for lipomas and skin cancers. There are no scars and the experiences were easy to undergo. Lately I have had two MOHS procedures on my face for skin cancer. I was quite anxious but the results have been wonderful. Again- no scars, no residual signs of any interventions. And the experiences- despite my anxiety- were easy.
    By Carol D.
    Most of us aren't particularly happy going to a doctor, especially a dermatologist. However, from the moment you walk into Dr. Ostad's office, you're welcomed and start to feel more relaxed. The office staff and the nurses are terrific. But.... it is Ostad who brings it over the top. He's reassuring, he's gentle and he's very good. In other words, he knows what he's doing! And trust me, I'm not related to this doctor!
    By Merle R.
    Dr. O
    Just wanted to thank you for not only doing your " job " yesterday, but for taking the time to talk to me like a person you genuinely care about. I told Jeff the first thing you always ask is how is " Jeff", and his response was " he's a good man". I then told him Belle asked how’s Jeff , and he said " I love her".

    These are the little gestures that set you apart from the rest.

    Even when I walk in, I am always greeted by the front desk as if I am a rock star, and trust me, that's my weak spot.

    We've talked about all the fake plastic surgeons I've been through that I call the " Hollywood" doctors and trust me, not one of them would have sat face to face with me for one minute like you did yesterday and had such an honest conversation. I always know I can be truthful with you and you will be the same with me. This is the quality above your excellent skills that sets you above all the rest. I can honestly say ( and Jeff will back me) we trust you emphatically and would come to you for any advice or treatment.

    Thank you for providing the whole package of a welcoming caring team and you as the most wonderful physician imaginable, in a day and age where there is no client/ patient relationship.

    Happy holidays to you and your family and all the best to the staff for 2018!!
    By anonymous
    Dr. Ostad is the best doctor. I have had 10 Mohs surgeries with him. I have had many surgeries to remove my basal and squamous cells. The staff is excellent. Now, I am taking Blu-U light treatment. He cares very much about his patients.
    By Clifford G.
    Dr. Ostad is kind, he is an artist, and truly has a keen eye for symmetry. With over 20 years of experience I can trust that I will receive the best treatment possible. Dr. Ostad sets the bar for the highest standard in patient care. You will leave his office feeling like a refreshed, better version of you!
    By Gladi S.
    Dr. Ostad removed an infiltartive basil cell carcinoma from the tip of my nose. It was very deep, down to the cartilage, and involved a very creative surgery to rebuild my nose. What Dr, Ostad was able to do was remarkable. He promised me my nose would be fine and it is healing fantastically. He is so gentle and thorough and I had no discomfort! His staff is terrific and genuinely attentive. I can't recommend him enough. And I keep thanking the friends that recommeded him to me.
    By Victoria B.
    Great service!!  Let me start by saying I HATE doctors or anything relating to being poked and prodded, but I have several moles that I knew needed to be looked at just in case. Ended up finding a Dr Oz clip on YouTube which featured Dr Ostad so I checked out his website and liked what I saw so I made an appointment. The staff was very friendly which eased my anxiety a lot. Dr Ostad saw me at exactly the time of my scheduled appointment (unheard of with Drs!). He was very informative and honest about which moles needed to be removed and which were nothing to worry about. Turns out only 2 out of the 5 were a concern which he handled very skillfully. It reminded me of getting a shot as a kid and thinking "that's it?" Overall an extremely pleasant trip to the Doctor!!
    By Frantz M.
    Dr. Ostad is a pleasure to see. Excellent staff!
    I have see him for various skin cancers for over
    four years. Highly recommend!
    By John D.
    Dr. Ostad is a great doctor.  Very hospitable and he is very knowledgeable in his field.  He removed a basil cell on top of my head and is cancer free.  Thank goodness.  Unfortunately, I found out recently, that he no longer accepts health insurance accept for Medicare.
    Normally I paid a $25 or $30 deductible which my insurance covered the rest.  When I checked out, I was shocked my insurance is no longer covered.  This is when I discovered he no longer accepts any health insurance except Medicare.  The bill came out to $150.00 for the visit.
    Due to this insurance change, I probably will not be going to him any longer.
    By Jimmy H.
    I was recommended to Dr. Ostad by my dermatologist for Mohs Surgery for a basal cell on my face.  My stellar experience started with the kind and professional front desk staff.  I was then escorted back to an exam room by an even kinder and more professional nurse.  Dr. arrived (on time I might add!!!!!) and I was totally impressed!!!! My basal cell was pretty deep and he ended up having to slice my cheek open which naturally did not make me happy.  He and the nurse were very reassuring and he is an extremely talented surgeon with an incredible eye.
    It is now almost six months later and can I tell you that people tell me they see NOTHING!!!!!
    NO scar!!!, NO marks - only a very very faint line.  This is incredible to me after having my whole left side of face basically cut open.  Dr. Ostad is truly a miracle worker and probably the best in NYC!!!  I cannot stress enough what a great outcome this was and what a great job he and his staff did!
    By Lynne V.
    Dr. Ostad is truly one of the best in NYC -- knowledgable and compassionate, and an excellent staff that reflects his principles and ethic!

    I felt so taken care of that I almost forgot that I was at a doctor's office.  He covers a range of procedures and the staff follows up and makes sure that the patient is doing well even after you have left.

    My Highest Recommendation! to Dr. Ostad and his staff!
    By Daisy C.
    Wow excellent as a person and as a professional he knows exactly what is  he doing im very very happy,
    He is an angel
    By Juliana Z.
    I don't normally do reviews but am so blown away by what an amazing doctor and above that just a great person that I wanted to leave a review
    I had a very sun drenched childhood and am paying for it now with multiple cancers at different stages having to be removed.
    He is empathetic fast and efficient
    I wouldn't go anywhere else
    In a sea of mediocre service where you are just treated as a number this is a stand out practice!
    Thank you
    By Grahame H.
    I can't thank Dr. Ostad and his team enough; for all their hard work, amazing bed-side manner, and willingness to help - no matter what!

    I have always received amazing treatment under his care, I trust his advice and feedback over all other Dr.'s I've seen, and I've seen dramatic improvements in my skin - I also use his skincare products..the Daily moisturizer and facial cleanser

    I suffer from chronic acne on my face, due to my beard - for those out there suffering like I was, please see Dr. Ostad - I'm super grateful he's my Dr. and has been able to help, as much as he has !!

    Thank you again Dr. Ostad & Team - You guys are the best!!!
    By nick m.
    Working in editorial for over 15 years, I have met my fair share of dermatologists and enjoyed a number of treatments that have left me both pleased and completely freaked out. Here's what I know to be true: whether dealing with a serious medical issue or considering treatment options that will help you put your best face forward, finding the right doctor is essential. Unfortunately, thanks to the market being saturated with Gilt and Groupon "specials" and doctors running assembly-line treatment centers, many people learn the value of finding a skilled and empathic professional the hard way. Think about it: how many of you know of someone who cut corners or didn't do their research and wound up with a laser burn, droopy eyelid, frozen forehead or a filler disaster? It's not only costly and taxing for the patient,  but it perpetuates fear amongst would-be patients who may not explore and enjoy services and procedures that could enhance their lives because they worry something may go wrong.

    This is the reason I adore Dr. Ostad and his team. From the moment you walk through the door of his spacious and warm upper east side office, you are treated like a VIP. Dr. Ostad and his team don't simply want your business, they want to know who you are, what your goals and concerns are and the best way to curate a treatment plan that will fit you as an individual. With a focus on total body health. balance and education, Dr. Ostad is more than a doctor; he's a wellness coach guiding you into a happier, healthier direction. Having seen him perform a number of cosmetic procedures from Voluma and Botox (and being witness to the results) I can tell you that he is also an artist. Not one person I have seen has walked away looking "done". They simply look refreshed and rested. Best of all, he's all about the follow-up. Not only does he take time with all of his patients (seeing him and his nurse, Jennifer, work together is a real lesson in teamwork), but he doesn't just abandon you once you've had your procedure of choice.

    Kind, skilled, artistic, respected and truly in a league of his own, this is the doctor for those who are looking to make a long-term connection with someone they can trust and feel completely safe with.
    By Brenda D.
    To make a long story short, Dr. Ostad is ridiculously talented.  Forget the office, forget the staff, forget the bedside manner (all of which were superb in my case), you are going to this guy because he has exceptionally talented hands and an incredible eye for derm detail.

    Ok, for the soft stuff.  My appointments were on-time.  The staff of RN's is exceptional.  Admin staff was friendly and organized.  I'd go see this guy again in a NY minute.
    By Gord A.
    Dr. Ostad is my favorite Dr. of all time. I have always found him to be kind, truly caring and thoroughly skillful at what he does. One can see right away that he LOVES his job and is committed to helping his patients achieve optimum results. I have seen him for both medical issues and cosmetic procedures over the past 10 years and have always been utterly pleased with the results. He never pushes me to do more than is absolutely necessary when it comes to the cosmetic options and the outcome has been perfect for me. No unnatural, creepy looking, overly filled faces emerge from Ostad's office...ever. He's just the best.
    By Debbie K.
    I went to Dr Ostad for a full body checkup last week and my experience was exceptionary. Upon arrival I completed the paperwork and got called within 5 minutes which is unusual.

    He appeared very sociable, highly informed and during the checkup he really took the time to discuss my health and preventionary measures which I appreciated. Following the visit both he personally and the staff followed up with me several times both over the phone and by email. I've lived in NYC for 15 years and have seen a lot of doctors and this was truly one of my best experiences.
    By Jens K.
    I am a 60 year old that looks 10 years younger except for my forehead. I have those scowl lines that do not disappear no matter how much make-up filler you apply. I went to Dr. Ariel Ostad's office and was greatly pleased with my results. I know longer need to cover my forehead with bangs and side sweeping hairdos. The Staff and Dr Ariel provided professional and caring service. The reception  staff are very pleasant and accommodating .  I will be back time and time again. Thank you
    By Roberta F.
    I've been going to Dr. Ostad for quite a few years, I had to stop seeing him due to a change in my health insurance for a brief period which was sad. But now he is on my insurance again.

    The receptionists are all super sweet and it's a smooth appointment making process. Dr. O is always on time and does a full body check- he is super through and always takes a sample of any irregular moles or marks that look suspicious. I have to go every 6 months for skin checks because of my many years of visiting tanning beds.

    I also had a broken skin vessel (vein) on my face and he lasered it off two years ago, I was super happy with the results with that too.
    By Lauren G.
    I generally wouldn't recommend selecting your medical professionals based on Yelp reviews, but for those that insist on doing so, I've had nothing but good experiences with Dr. Olstad going back several years. He's efficient and friendly, and his staff knows what they're doing. Now, I only go to him for basic dermatology, but I have complete confidence in him for that.

    His practice is not cheap; if what you're doing is elective, then I can't believe you'd be surprised that a doctor on the Upper East Side was expensive.

    My appointment today was for 2:40pm; I arrived five-ten minutes early and I walked out the door at 3pm.
    By Jonas B.
    Dr. Ostad was excellent and very thorough on his analysis my skin issues. He was very knowledgeable and patient, taking the time to answer all of my questions.
    By Amanda S.
    I went to Dr. Ostad for hand fillers and my experience was overall OK. I had some soreness the next day but Dr. Ostad explained that this may happen and advised to take Motrin or any other anti inflammatory. I would go back to dr. Ostad for this procedure.
    By Aimee M.
    I have been a patient of Dr. Ostad's for 10 years and cannot say enough about him. Not only do I see him for fillers but he also treats my severe eczema.  He has a wonderful bedside manner and I am very glad I found this great dermatologist.
    By Leila G.
    Dr. Ostad is excellent! I received Ulthera last week for the sagging skin under my chin due to weight loss and I have seen a significant improvement in a tighter more toned appearance with NO needles or cutting. The procedure only took a half hour and can't believe that more people don't opt for Ulthera over other invasive treatments. I will definitely be visiting Dr. Ostad from here on out.
    By Laura C.